Q. How many different types of ants are there?

A. There are thousands of different types of ant species around the world. However, the number of ant species here in Texas is much smaller.

Q. What is the most common ant species in Texas?

A. The most common ant species in Texas include: carpenter ants, ghost ants, pyramid ants, and harvester ants.

Q. How do ants get in my house?

A. Ants make their way into your home just like most other pests. The most common ways that ants invade your home is through cracks between doors and windows and crevices around the foundation.

Q. What attracts ants to the inside of my home?

A. Ants are attracted to the scent of sugar and grease. Our pest control company recommends that you are proactive and wipe down counters and floors after preparing meals. This will help eliminate the food scents that attract ants.

Q. How many ants are in a colony?

A. There can be thousands of ants in any given colony. Ant colonies have 3 different kinds of ants: 1) The queen 2) Solider ants 3) Drone ants

Each type of ant has a very specific role in the ant colony. Ant colony sizes vary based on the ant species.

Q. Do carpenter ants bite?

A. Yes, carpenter ants bite if they feel threaten.

Q. How do you treat an ant infestation?

A. Our treatment options for ant infestations vary bases on the species of the ant problem and the severity. If you have an ant infestation then we recommend that you contact our office to schedule an appointment.