Waterbug Removal Services

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If you've spent any amount of time around a sizable body of fresh water such as a pond or lake during the summer months, you've probably seen a waterbug or two. Waterbugs are frequently mistaken for cockroaches, but these two insects are classified under different categories.

What do waterbugs looks like?

Waterbugs have some distinct features that will help you identify them including:

  • 2 inches long and 1 inch wide
  • Oval in shape
  • Black or dark brown in color
  • Their antennae is located under their eyes

Why do I have waterbugs in my home?

Why do I have waterbugs in my home?

Waterbugs typically do not like to take up residence inside of homes as they prefer living near the water. However, waterbugs still do find their way into homes across the Lubbock, Texas area. This particular pest is attracted to a variety of food sources such as:

  • Sweet food
  • Starchy food
  • Decaying organic matter

If you've noticed waterbugs on your property, contact our pest control company to schedule an appointment. Our trained pest control technicians will come out to your property, evaluate your situation, and present you with a waterbug removal plan.