Q. What are the most common spiders in Texas?

A. The most common spiders in Texas include: Wolf spiders, house spiders, crab spiders, Texas recluse spiders, black widow, and brown recluse.

Q. Does Texas have venomous spiders?

A. Yes, Texas has 2 venomous spiders: Black widow and brown recluse.

Q. What do spiders eat?

A. For the most part spiders feed on insects.

Q. How do spiders get into my house?

A. Spiders make their way into your home through windows, cracks, gaps, and vents. They can also make their way into your home via hitchhiking. This means that they stow away in your belongings such as inside grocery sacks or laptop bags.

Q. Where do spiders live in my house?

A. Spiders tend to hide up in the cracks of your ceiling or at the bottom of baseboards. They try to make their webs in locations where they think they won't be disturbed.