Do You Have Ants Infesting Your Home or Business?

Get quality pest control services in Lubbock, Texas and surrounding areas

Bug Zappers Pest Control provides ant pest control services to both homeowners and business owners in the Lubbock area. If you have ever encountered ants in your home or business then you know how much of a hassle it can be to remove this nuisance pest. Ants make their way in to your home through various ways including:

•Carried in with groceries or other items
•Enter through cracks & seams in your walls
•Make their way through foundation gaps

If you have an ant infestation then call our pest control company today to learn more about our ant removal services. Our pest experts will be able to have your home or business ant free in no time!

Ant Prevention Tips

Below you will find some helpful tips from our pest control company that will help you reduce your chances of a future ant infestation:

•Eliminate water sources
•Eliminate food sources
•Keep your kitchen clean
•Take our your trash on a regular basis
•Store food properly
•Ensure entry points are sealed