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Maintenance Plan

Do You Need Year-Round Pest Control?

Do You Need Year-Round Pest Control?

Take advantage of our quarterly pest control maintenance plan

If you are on the fence about signing up for a pest control maintenance plan, look no further than here! A pest control maintenance plan is the best way to ensure that your home or business stays pest free throughout the year.

A pest control year-round plan allows you to schedule pest control treatments on a schedule to help avoid pest problems from occurring. At each maintenance visit our pest control professionals will focus more on providing preventative treatments. Inspections are also typically done at regular appointments. At these visits, pest control technicians check for signs of any new pests.

Read more about our maintenance plan specifics below!


On the quarterly program, your home will be sprayed once quarter, at a discounted rate. This system is a designed spraying the will service you four (4) times a year to give you, your family, and home year around protection.


The Bug Zappers Pest Control office will contact you to schedule your quarterly appointment the month your spraying is due. You may set your appointment anytime during that month at your convenience. The office will try to contact you (up to 3 times) during the daytime, so we need a daytime number to text ,number where you can be reached, or an answering machine so that a message can be left for you, to call the office 806-798-8030 to schedule your appointment.


Customers obligation to stay on the quarterly system is to schedule and keep your appointment during the month you are contacted. If the appointment is not booked and kept in the month you are due, the discounted price, will resume back to regular price.


Your home has the same 30 day guarantee as always, and is always sprayed with the same quality each time that it is treated. The technician will spray the interior (pathways, edges, cracks, and crevices) and exterior perimeter (windows, doorways, patio area and garage) of your home to create a primary barrier to eliminate various kinds of insects from entering your home.