We'll Help Keep Your Home Pest-Free

We'll Help Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Choose us for spider removal services in Lubbock, Texas

Waking up to a spider bite on your arm or leg is not how you want to start your morning. Bug Zappers Pest Control in Lubbock, TX can help prevent spiders from thriving in your home. Our pest control services cover spider removal.

We will remove spiders from your home efficiently so you can sleep soundly. If you think you need pest control services, call (806) 798-8030 right away.


Different types of house spiders are more common in certain areas of the United States. In Lubbock, TX, there are four main types of spiders you could see in your home. Through our pest control services, we can terminate a variety of spiders, including:

1. Jumping spiders: not poisonous or dangerous, but can be found around windows and doors where there's sunlight.
2. Wolf spiders: nocturnal spiders that don't spin webs and are dark brown in color with pale strips or markings.
3. Brown recluse spiders: bite as a defense mechanism and inject venom that can cause intense pain. If you've been bitten, seek medical attention immediately.
4. Black widow spiders: generally aggressive and their venom can be fatal, but complications can be avoided with prompt medical treatment.

If you have spider bites or are concerned about spiders in your home, contact our pest control company ASAP at (806) 798-8030.