Did Insects Find Their Way Into Your Lubbock, Wolfforth, or Slaton Home?

Get reliable extermination services from a Texas pest control company you can trust

Finding a bug in your home is no cause for alarm. As a homeowner, you’ll eventually find an insect or two in your space. But, when you notice evidence of an infestation such as bug or rodent droppings and nesting, you could have a serious issue.

Bug infestations can cause numerous problems including health issues and damage to your Lubbock, Wolfforth, or Slaton home. Instead of wasting time and money with DIY solutions that rarely work, call Bug Zappers Pest Control.

With exceptional pest control services, we can tackle just about any bug or rodent issue you may have. Whether you have bed bugs or a rodent issue, you’ll find reliable services that work at Bug Zappers Pest Control.

Using the latest pest extermination methods, we’re able to safely tackle your infestation. In addition to removal services, we also provide a maintenance plan to continually protect your property from insects and rodents. Choose the timeframe that works for you—monthly, weekly or yearly—and receive a discount for signing up.

Call Bug Zappers Pest Control in Lubbock, TX, at 806-798-8030 when you need the help of a specialist who can zap your problem with ease.

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